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May 26, 2014

Brave Frontier offers something most other mobile RPGs don’t give players access to. This is the battle arena. The battle arena allows players to face any other player on the world to see the strength of their team. The battle arena in Brave Frontier hack requires an orb for every time a player enters a battle. You have three orbs to start off and then when you use one they start to regenerate over time. Of course you can pay for more, but I’m not sure who is going to use money on a free game unless you are trying to dominate the world! The battle arena does have a few rules that all players must follow. One of the rules is that you don’t get to choose when to attack or not to attack. Brave Frontier automatically attacks with all units for you. You still have the choice of managing your team.


Like most battle games there is a time limit. You or the opponent must be completely wiped out before the clock hits zero. If no one is completely defeated then the match is decided by number of units left. If that is the same it is decided by unit health left combined. If that is the same it is decided by the total damage done. I doubt you will ever end up tying in that many things though. Brave Frontier hack gives out Arena Battle points. These points work like a ranking system. A win will give you more battle points, while a lose will make you lose battle points. Once you get promoted up a full rank you can’t be demoted just because you lost some Battle Arena points, so don’t be afraid to battle. The total amount of arena points received during a win all depends on your opponent. If they have more battle points than you do then you will receive more than someone who has less than you. When you enter the brave frontier battle arena, you will get to choose your opponent from a list of many different leveled opponents. You can choose to go for a high win/loss ratio by choosing low level opponents, but you will not receive to many battle arena points, so it could take longer to rank up. I would much rather choose stronger opponents and hope to get a little lucky that you have a good element match up. This will get you a ton of arena battle points and loses don’t hurt you too much to stronger opponents since you don’t lost as many points. It is all up to how you want to battle. Do you want to be the big fish in small pond? If so, aim for some weaklings to bring up your confidence and then go whale hunting on the big boys once you get your feet wet in the arena. Good luck in Brave Frontier battle arena! Go to

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